Is your Headteacher’s report ticking all the boxes?

Headteacher reporting is an essential aspect of school management because it helps to monitor and evaluate the performance of the school. The headteacher’s report provides stakeholders with an overview of the school’s achievements, challenges, and plans. The report is usually presented to the school’s governors, parents, and staff.

The headteacher’s report is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the school over the preceding term or academic year. This is usually done through showcasing student achievements, both academic and non-academic. The report can also detail the schools’ participation in community programs or other extracurricular activities.

The report can be used to highlight areas where the school needs to improve. This enables the school to identify weaknesses and put in place measures to address them. This may involve improving staffing, curriculum changes or additional resources.

Many governors will come from a non-educational background making it important that the report is easy to read and understand by all. This can be done by ensuring the report is written in clear and concise language while avoiding jargon.

The report should Include information on the characteristics of the current pupil cohort, attendance, academic progress, extracurricular activities, and any other school-related events or achievements. Data from your MIS should be included to support the narrative and will also provide governors with a clear and objective picture of the school’s performance.

In addition to providing information about the school’s achievements and challenges, the headteacher’s report may also include the schools’ plans for the forthcoming term or academic year. This allows stakeholders to gain an understanding of the school’s objectives and future goals. The report may also detail the school’s strategies for achieving these goals.

Headteacher reporting is an essential aspect of school management. It provides stakeholders with an overview of the school’s achievements and challenges while also outlining future plans for improvement. Therefore, the headteacher’s report serves as a vital tool for monitoring the school’s progress and ensuring that the school achieves its overarching goals.


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Published: 28th March 2023

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