About us

The story so far…

The Headteacher’s Report was founded by Neil & Matt in 2017, they originally met while working together in Cheshire for an education software company & formed a friendship that has stood the test of time, despite being from different sides of the Pennines!

From our very first Headteacher’s report, produced for a Junior school in Birmingham we are proud to say we are now supporting over 3,000 Heads across the country, but more importantly that our very first school is still a customer today.

Our mission statement

Here at The Headteacher’s Report, our entire existence revolves around creating the most dynamic, professional and easy to understand reports for our Heads, CEOs and their Governors and trustees alike.

We understand how many leadership hours it typically takes to produce a Headteacher’s Report from scratch. With this in mind, we set ourselves the challenge of making this process quicker, simpler and smarter, whilst producing beautifully presented reports.

We live and breathe education, no problem is too big to solve and we chuck in a big slice of our family orientated small-business passion into every single report. We help make reporting to Governors and trustees that little bit easier so that you don’t have to burn the midnight oil trying to finish your report.

About us

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