mySchoolWellbeing: Ditch the annual staff survey

The Headteachers Report team is proud to introduce mySchoolWellbeing, an effective way for schools and trusts to easily track, monitor, and report the wellbeing of all their staff.


Click to view a sample of the wellbeing report


How does it work?

The mySchoolWellbeing platform automatically asks your stakeholders for feedback on a regular basis using our library of proven questions and provides you with an easy to digest Wellbeing report directly into your inbox.

The mySchoolWellbeing report provides you with a monthly wellbeing score and further analysis over four categories (engagement, culture, development and leadership), enabling you to create a focused wellbeing strategy.

mySchoolWellbeing has been designed with the Ofsted framework in mind, our Wellbeing reports are perfect to demonstrate how you are engaging effectively with all stakeholders and responding to wellbeing concerns in a meaningful way.


Visit the mySchoolWellbeing website for further information including subscription options.






Published: 12th May 2021

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