The Headteacher’s Report and the 2019 Ofsted framework

Our Data Team has been working with Headteacher groups, leaders in governance and Ofsted Inspectors to ensure the Headteacher’s Report is ready for the changes to the Ofsted Framework this September (view the 2019 framework).

The new format provides Headteacher’s with a reporting tool that enables governors to view the key information inspectors would consider when making a judgement under the new framework in an easy to digest format.

We still transfer your school’s contextual data directly from your MIS and pre-populate the report with National, LA and similar school benchmarking data, this is all included within our annual subscription and saves our hours report writing time each term.


Leadership and Management

The Leadership and Management section has been expanded to cover the key areas that make up the information inspectors will consider when making their judgement, such as;

  • Key statutory policies and personnel information
  • Staff wellbeing and workload data overview
  • Your relationship with learners, parents and the community


Personal Development

We have incorporated key governor checks to help Headteacher’s provide examples of how learners are developing in line with Ofsted judgements and that the key statutory policies to support this are in place. This section includes areas such as:

  • Extra-Curriculum activities
  • Educational visits
  • British values


Behaviour and Attitudes

This section includes data analysis, statutory policy and benchmarking information to help Headteacher’s provide governors with the information that will make up the 4 areas of judgement in this section. Examples of what data is included in this section are;

  • Attendance breakdown
  • Behaviour summary
  • National, LA and similar school Benchmarking data


Quality of Education

We have split this section out into the 3 ‘I’s that will form part of the overall Ofsted judgement; Intent, Implementation and Impact.

  • Intent: key governor checks to provide assurances that the curriculum is ambitious, wide and accessible.
  • Implementation: how the curriculum is bringing delivered and what data is being collected
  • Impact: National, LA and similar school benchmarking data matched to the format in Ofsted’s IDSR (Inspection Data Summary Report)



If you are part of a MAT our Trustee report includes all the above and the ability to consolidate data in one easy to digest strategic report, find out more at:

Creating a Headteacher’s report, a simple task (well, sort of)……

Creating a Headteacher’s report, a simple task (well, sort of)……

The Headteacher’s report is a key strategic document for governors, it sets out the key academic, pupil and staffing performance for that term. However, it is also a challenging (and sometimes painfully time-consuming) document to write and present in a format that governors find engaging and useful.

With that in mind, we set about creating a template that would save Headteacher’s hours in report writing time, while also presenting all the information governors need in a format that they would love to receive. Simple.

Turns out it’s not that simple! However, after 2 years of development and producing termly reports for over 2,000 schools of all phases and types, we think we’ve cracked it!

Our ‘simple’ reporting platform allows you to produce a professional document on demand while we do all the behind the scenes stuff.

1. We customise your report to match your school phase and type
2. We then link in with your school MIS (e.g. SIMs, Integris, Arbor, ScholarPack etc) to synchronise your school data
3. Our data team crunch over 10 million DfE data points to produce national, LA and similar school benchmarking information
4. We add your specific report updates, new stories and achievements into the report

More information and sample reports can be requested from our website (


The Headteacher’s Report is just £95 per year including unlimited access to your report and support.

No more waiting for the DfE data releases

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Coming soon: the option to link your school performance and pupil data

directly to the Headteacher’s Report.

We are always looking for ways to improve our reports and linking directly with your MIS data will not only mean your reports can be generated at a click of a button but that they are as up to date as possible. We are working on the link now and you can register your interest on our website.

MIS system that we linking with include SIMs, RM Integris and ScholarPack

New for this term.

Autumn term is always busy and this year has not been any different with over 8 DfE updates already.  The data team has also added the gender split for the first time to our outcomes section.

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