Creating a Headteacher’s report, a simple task (well, sort of)……

Creating a Headteacher’s report, a simple task (well, sort of)……

The Headteacher’s report is a key strategic document for Governors, it sets out the key academic, pupil and staffing performance for that term. However, it is also a challenging (and sometimes painfully time-consuming) document to write and present in a format that Governors find engaging and useful.

With that in mind, we set about creating a template that would save Headteacher’s hours in report writing time, while also presenting all the information Governors need in a format that they would love to receive. Simple.

Turns out it’s not that simple! However, after 2 years of development and producing termly reports for over 2,000 schools of all phases and types, we think we’ve cracked it!

Our ‘simple’ reporting platform allows you to produce a professional document on demand while we do all the behind the scenes stuff.

1. We customise your report to match your school phase and type
2. We then link in with your school MIS (e.g. SIMs, Integris, Arbor, ScholarPack etc) to synchronise your school data
3. Our data team crunch over 10 million DfE data points to produce national, LA and similar school benchmarking information
4. We add your specific report updates, new stories and achievements into the report

More information and sample reports can be requested from our website (


The Headteacher’s Report is just £95 per year including unlimited access to your report and support.

Published: 22nd May 2019

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