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The MAT Intelligence Dashboard

View individual or consolidated performance and business data on one dashboard for all your academies.



MAT Dashboard – Features

Get your MAT Intelligence Dashboard for just £75 per academy

Includes performance data at an academy and MAT level




Consolidated or side-by-side view of academy data

Flexible reporting options including the MAT average, total count, individual reporting periods and primary/secondary only.

Includes performance and business information 

The MAT Intelligence dashboard is underpinned by the Ofsted reporting categories plus key business and finance information.

Easy to digest summary and detailed formats

Individual academy and MAT level reports are easy to digest and will allow you to analyse the performance of an academy quickly.


Includes National and similar school benchmarking data

Each MAT Intelligence dashboard is pre-populated with National and similar school data for all your academies.


Option to customise your MAT dashboard further

Our comprehensive dashboard includes over 50 performance indicators, however, we can personalise these further if required.

Flexible targeting setting across your MAT

There is the option to add performance targets per academy to reflect the unique circumstances of each academy.



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