ICFP Features

ICFP (Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning) is an approach to school financial planning that combines a set of metrics from both the school budget and the curriculum.  Linking the budget to the curriculum helps to determine how affordable and, more importantly, how sustainable longer term, the school’s overall operation is.

This methodology has become increasingly prominent through 2018/19 as the DfE now advocates its use as good practice in strategic financial planning for all schools.


Our all-inclusive pricing includes annual support, training materials and key updates.

Easy to understand data

Visualise your financial and curriculum data in an easy to digest format

Supports DfE best practice

ICFP is advocated by the DfE as an activity that will enable school leaders to determine the long term sustainability your school

Support included

Full telephone, email and online support provided by specialists in education financial management

Print ready strategic reports

Our one-click Governor Strategic Reporting Pack provides all of the key information required 

Scenario planning

Run a series of scenarios and identify options for achieving greater financial sustainability

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The ICFP Report – Only £250 ex VAT, per school, per year.
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